TOX-HUB Platform

With the Tox Hub platform HEROIC intends to close some of the gaps and remove impediments linked to the accessibility of the data.

A number of databases reporting toxicological or ecotoxicological data are currently available. However, to date, data are stored in heterogenous environments and formats so that the practitioner is faced with the time consuming task of separate access to each database. Overall, integration of ecotoxicological and toxicological information spread around the many existing databases is nowadays not possible. Therefore, there is a strong need to create an integrative tool to facilitate searching of all available toxicological and ecotoxicological information among different sources of information.

To this end, the Tox-Hub has been developed by HEROIC partner CSIC as part of the HEROIC project as an interactive internet platform enabling the simultaneous search and retrieval of information from already existing toxicological and ecotoxicological databases
Tox-Hub is publicly accessible at:

Or go to the Tox hub example page in order to understand all the potentiality of the platform and to the Tox-Hub at work page to have an overview of the platform functionalities

Download the users manual developed to assist you

We invite you to use it and give us a feedback at