17 August 2016
Paper - A critical review of frameworks used for evaluating reliability and relevance of (eco)toxicity data
23 February 2016
Paper - Integrating socio-behavioural factors into the pesticide risk analysis process
11 January 2016
Paper - Perspectives for integrating human and environmental exposure assessments
02 April 2015
White Paper On The Promotion Of An Integrated Risk Assessment Concept In European Regulatory Frameworks For Chemicals
08 June 2014
Tux-Hub: an internet based platform facilitating access to toxicological information sources has been already launched to the public
28 March 2014
24th Annual Meeting of SETAC Europe
31 January 2014
Change of project lead at FERA
21 January 2014
Expert workshop on extrapolations in integrated exposure assessment, Paris, January 21-22, 2014
01 September 2013
Heroic partecipation at EUROTOX
03 July 2013
HEROIC ToxHub: training session with EU Joint Research Centre from Ispra
01 July 2013
survey to identify how socio-behavioural factors impact on the effectiveness of the pesticide risk analysis.
04 April 2013
HEROIC ToxHub and the Dixa’s eChemPortal - a meeting with EU JRC in Ispra
04 April 2013
SETAC 23rd Annual Meeting
22 May 2012
HEROIC at 6th SETAC World Congress